rant! question. rant! question.

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heyy guys , im new here and i have a bunch of questionss . first off though, i just want everyone to know that im not loving my curly hair at the moment . (im a 2b/2c) . For almost two whole months i've been putting it up in a bun. My hair is thickkk and my hair is straight from the roots and then starts to get curly halfway down . its realllyy annoying cause i have NO volume up there and i dont know how to get itt either.my hair is flat , and then poofs out. My hair is past my shoulders by the way. so, anyways, i can't even let down my hair without looking like a monster :hmph: . so my questions aree ...
1. How can i add volume up at my roots ?
2. How can i get that top straight area to be curly ?
3. What are some hair styles i can do to school ?

thankss in advancee . :salut:


  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Posts: 214Registered Users
    Search these two things:

    Root clipping
    Icequeen method

    And then look at the thread in this forum called "General Hairstyles, Hairdos, whatevers for school" (or something like that)
  • Princess_NavPrincess_Nav Posts: 2Registered Users
    thankk youu . =)
    i tried thee icequeen method and it wass amazing .
  • curlyandproud124112curlyandproud124112 Posts: 49Registered Users
    what is the icequeen method?
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    do a search... good for clumps and encouraging curl.
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    Your hair is long so it hangs pulling the top. I bet if you were to cut it to your shoulders it would look better.
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