Advice needed on thick/coarse curls

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Hey all, need some advice on my hair. I have very thick, coarse curls, what some people call a “Jewfro”, or to put it another way, I have the same hair as Seth Rogen. (sorry, I don't have a self-pic, but those two are pretty close). First off, I’m not really sure what hair type it is, I looked at the descriptions on the site, and I’m not sure if it’s type 3C or type 4 (my hair gets kind of big, but not really like an Afro). Any ideas of what type my hair is?

What I really want is to be able to find get my hair to be not quite as dry and coarse as it usually gets (I sometimes joke it feels like I have Brillo pads on my head when it gets longer). I’m kind of clueless when it comes to hear, and (this is such a guy thing I guess) get kind of intimidated when I go in the hair care aisle in the drugstore J What advice could you folks give me to help my hair become somewhat softer and easier to deal with?


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    If your hair looks like the jewboy's do, than your hair needs better treatment... follow the CG metod or something like that. Forget about silicon-based shampoos (use conditioner – it has enough tensides). Get your hair hydrated (oils are great – coconut is the best). And don't comb your hair (eventually when wet, but be careful – they are way more fragile). After washing, the less you touch the better (don't rub your hair with towel, just gently make water run off your hair into the towel) and reduce the contact with your hair until they get dry. This should reduce frizz. I'm talking from my own experience... and I hope my English is understandable... :D


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    your hair looks really good! i'm a girl and my hair is longer, but what products do you use in your hair?

    Thanks! :) Well, I'm from Europe and I guess that you wont be able to buy it in your country (you're form US, right?)... but here's what I use:

    shampoo - Panthenol dr. Müller, 2%
    conditioner - Alverde apricot/citrus blossom and Alverde ibis/aloe
    oil - coconut bio virgin 999plan (Liveon)
    hair "water" - Reghaar
    and I eat brewer's yeast

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