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Hi, i have read some of the threads and thought that they were mainly for girls so i just though to asks some questions to get my concepts clear,

1) Is their any difference in the hair textures of guys & gals??

2) Is CG method(as described in different places in this forum) same for both girls and boys or their has to be some modifications for guys??

3) And are their different products(conditioners, shampoos etc.) for boys and girls or any one can use anything(obviously CG approved ;) ) till it meets the requirements??

And the last thing i would like to ask is can anyone recommend any Conditioner for washing the hairs and a richer Conditioner that can be used as a leave-in for my hairs(they are in between 2c & 3a and very porous).

I would be grateful if someone can solve my queries.

I am not an expert so this is what i think :
Hair type : 2c/3a
(~highly) porous

There are only two types of people in the world straight or.................... with curls ;).


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    Hello Digit,

    To answer your questions

    1. I do not think their is any difference of hair texture based on gender. Hair texture, color, sheen, etc, is different for every individual.

    2. there is no gender difference but I don't think some guys want to go to bed in a pink bonnet with 6 braids underneath, : D. In all seriousness, read up on what works for your hair and you can modify from there if needed.

    3. Anyone can use anything. As long as they like it and it works for them.

    4. I would try Burt's Bees Conditioner. As for a leave in try a light oil as some might weigh your hair down, but you just may prefer that.

    Hey Digit, please keep reading, I know this forum has a lot of ladies but the info is valid to everybody.
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    You might like American Crew - its a men's line.
    They have one called 'Daily conditioner' that some on this forum like. Its got a light mint scent. Its CG as well. They also have a citrus mint version, I don't know anything about that one.
    They also have two gels that look cg to me, one is lighter than the other. The shampoos are not CG as they have Sodium Laureth Sulfate.
    Ttheir website is: www.americancrew.com
    I have gotten their products at the salon area at wal-mart, as well as other places. If you end up liking them, they come is big sizes too. Ulta stores carry them, too.
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    Hello Digit,
    3. Anyone can use anything. As long as they like it and it works for them.

    men can use secret? :shock:
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