For those that double plop...or have tried it

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Why do you do it? What does it do for you? How long each plop? What product order? I am suuuuper curious.:blob8:
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    I did it all the time before I got my hair cut and I still do it now sometimes, just not as long. I put products in soaking wet hair and plop, then do all of my moisturizing, brushing teeth, etc., then unplop and scrunch in a little more gel/product and plop again in another dry towel and leave in as long as you prefer. I loved it because the first plop really soaked up a lot of water and then when I unplopped, I could loosen up any hair that was going wonky and scrunching in a little more gel helped just in case some was lost during the first plop. Then, using a dry towel the second time was more to really set in the curl rather than just soak up water. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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    Same here. I put in products, plop till i get some stuff done and that way it's not dripping down my back, plop with a dry towel and then i sleep with it!!! Not many people sleep with it, and it's not the MOST comfortable thing ever. But since i have thick hair, and i usually wash at night since i am restricted in the morning bc of work schedule, my hair NEVER dries. Even in the mornings it is still wet- not soaked, but wet. then i would spray on some Set It Free for the frizzies. Laura Lee has a really good video on her blog you should check out.

    Oh and i use the curl ease towel... which i find kinda difficult to maneuver...
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    With the first plop I'll usually have a leave-in and a curl enhancer (pink boots, [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink], CK would also go here) in my hair. This can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. I use my [buylink=]Curl-Ease towel[/buylink] and it gets a lot of water out. The towel is usually soaked!

    Then I'll scrunch in my gel and plop in a flour sack towel. How long l do this depends on what my hair looked like after the first plop. I had an incident with [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] a few weeks ago where my hair seemed really dry, so I plopped for maybe a minute or two just to set it with the gel.

    I really like this method. I think it gives you some versatility and control. It's especially great when I'm in the dorm room (although I have been caught by my roommate's boyfriend running back to my room, plopped in a pink towel and wearing a pink robe!). I think as long as you don't overdo plopping times, however long that may be for you, this method can work well for anyone!
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