Full straight bangs?

I have a mix of 3a/3b hair, and I have a little bit of some long side bangs (that really did a trim by now)

I want to get my long layers defined and maybe some full straight across bangs that go down to my eyebrows. I would probably straighten the bangs every day and leave the rest to curl on its own.

However, I'm also a dancer, and I constantly have to pull my hair back, which includes keeping my hair out of my face (but headbands always fall out of my hair)

Anybody have any suggestions for styles or accessories I can use so I can have a beautiful cut and still be able to keep my hair up without using a gallon of hairspray?


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    I have very thick 3a hair, which I have in long layers, with straight across, brow skimming bangs that I wear straight.

    I run about 3-5 miles daily; when I do I either put my hair up in a high pony (use an elastic that has good grip) or twist it into a bun and secure it with a scrunchie.
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    When I had bangs and was dancing I would pull them back and give them a twist, ending up in a faux hawk bumb. I would use a barrette and clip them back while I was in class. The rest went up in a ponytail or bun depending on my length. It looked cute and stayed for hours.

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