Joaquin Phoenix, hairzings, oh my!

ParatyParaty Registered Users Posts: 394
Mr. actor turned rapper Joaquin Phoenix rocks hairzings...

I would have put this in the celeb men section, but his hair is just too special. He rocks it naturally, doesn't need hair gels or pomades, and adorns it with, come again? Hairzings!!!
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  • Stephanie198907Stephanie198907 Registered Users Posts: 2,607 Curl Neophyte
    i remember seeing this awhile back, i thought it was hilarious...and random.
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  • eyesthatlieeyesthatlie Registered Users Posts: 261
    I'm completely in LOVE with him. I don't care what anyone says. lol

    Anyway, I saw the commercial for hairzings, do any curlies use them?
  • Hakim NuraldinHakim Nuraldin Registered Users Posts: 1,467
    Hm. Looks like a torture device.:eye:
  • P.P.P.P. Registered Users Posts: 1,617 Curl Neophyte
    :lol: cute
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