Can you tell me how to use this product?

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My friend just gave me a bottle of Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream, Curl & Shine. Is this a conditioner, or apres-shower styling product? I'm thinking it's something I use after conditioning (since the GF conditioners are packaged differently). I'm not used to creams, so can I mix it with a little gel?

I also got a little tub of GF Soft Curl Cream. I don't normally like to use lots of products. I generally just use a gel or mousse - depending on the season - and leave my hair alone after that.


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    I use this as a leave-in conditioner scrunched into soaking wet hair, with the tub stuff next and GF curl gel on top. Sounds like a lot, but this produces well-defined, well-moisturized curls, as long as I don't use it every day. I believe the leave-in and the stuff in the tub have been discontinued, but i stocked up ahead of time. Bottom line - I like 'em! BTW, I don't know how mixing it with gel would work - I personally cannot do this. I have to use each product individually. Not just GF, either. For some reason when I mix 'em my hair does not like it, turns straw-y and frizzy. But you may have better luck this way.

    Good luck!:happy11:

    PS - I mostly use BoticelliBabe's flaxseed gel now, but this GF stuff is pretty darn good.
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    I put the cream in after showering, before gel. I apply it pretty much like conditioner. I don't think mixing it with the gel would be really useful, just apply the cream first then the gel, and tada :P
    Oh, also, there were some people in loove with soft curl cream a while back and then they discontinued it, so you may have scored a great item, hehe.
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    So I guess I just need to experiment. I'm working midnight shifts this week so it's a good time to try something new. no one will see me. Although, we are slowly moving into spring, and the change of seasons can add an unknown factor into the product results.

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