lot's of frizz and dry hair...

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what causes frizz and what can I do to control it?


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    First, what are you using? What products? List the ingredients, because it could be something in there. For examply, you might be sensitive to protein, or to magnesium sulfate - both of those can dry you out if your hair reacts to them.

    Or, you could be drying your hair with a terry cloth towel - if you blot it dry with an old tee shirt, the smoothness of the cotton really cuts down on frizz.

    So let us know what you're doing, and it might be something in your products or your routine. :happy7:
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    I need to add a signature to my threads.
    Anyways, I co wash with suave ocean breeze and condish with Say yes to carrots and then usually use YtC as my lean in ,too. I rotate GDLI maybe once a week. Today i didn't use YtC, I used Suave for everything. Oh and styling...i just got Brhg. I used that today mixed with HETT. HELP:)
    oh and I'm a wavy, so I low poo twice a week.

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