For those looking for Alberto V05 products!

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After a disastrous protein treatment, my hair was in need of some protein free-conditioner. I ran out to SDM to pick up some Sauve, but they didn't have any. So, in desperation, I decided to try the local Lobe grocery store.

I picked up a bottle of Alberto Balsam Free Me Freesia condish - which is cone free, and has only a bit of protein. As it turns out, Alberto Balsam (from canada) is the same Alberto V05 in the US! They had several different varieties.

So for all those looking for cone-free V05 products, look for Alberto Balsam products. But beware! the condish is CG friendly, but the shampoo is not.

The best part: it was only $1.99!! I mixed it with a bit of honey... my hair's still drying, but so far so good!
My hair loooves moisture! Protein and my hair do not get along... they recently had a falling out. :laughing9: Just kidding, thankfully!

STATUS: Reformed straightener, currently in detox

CONDISH: Suave Apple
GEL: Tresemme Bouncy Curls

I'm a Drugstore Diva! ;-)

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