Get the Deva cut now or let it grow out some first?

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Hi everyone! I'm new here (joined last week) and started CG yesterday. I'm due for a cut and color to cover my gray roots (a little over an inch long now). My hair is between 80% and 90% gray and I just can't not color it (I started going gray at 16 and am 36 now). I'm too vain to let it go gray. ;)

Anyway, until I started CG I wore my hair in a ponytail most days and usually blew/ironed it straight on the rare days that I did anything with it. I have a ton of breakage from pulling it back too tight for years and from the blow dryer and flat iron, but even 1 day of CG has made it look amazingly better! :iconbiggrin:

A friend of mine recommended a salon here that is a Deva salon and I've been debating going there for my cut and color instead of my regular stylist, but I'm not sure if I should just do it now or wait until around the summer when my hair has grown out some.

I took this picture last night after my first co-wash:

I need to let the layers that were cut into my hair for keeping it straight grow out and I'm not sure what my curl pattern is going to look like once my hair is all healthy again.

For those of you who have had Deva cuts, should I just have them do my cut and color now? I'm a little concerned about having to clarify again at home after getting it colored by my regular person and then washed with sulfate shampoo and treated with silicone conditioner.
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    If you're due for a color & trim now anyway, I'd say get the Deva cut. It should enhance your curl pattern and the stylist should be able to give you tips for caring for your hair and styling it.
    Go for it and good luck with your haircut!!:toothy8:
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    I had my first Deva cut months before I ever found or knew completely what CG was (I started using deva the day I had my cut). That cut changed my hair life. I say do it now :) What better way to start CG then with some dry ends cut off...
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    Thanks! I'm really excited at the prospect of finally finding someone out here who can cut my hair and style it curly (I've been looking since I moved here 7 years ago) but going to a new place makes me really nervous. Too many bad haircuts and disappointments.
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    I'd do the Deva cut now. Your hair looks great already, so I can't wait to see what CG and a good cut do for you. Have fun!
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