I'm confused

Lately I've been considering wearing my hair natural. Unforunately am not sure what products I should use because my hair doesn't really have a type. Its just a little 3b-c. When it gets wet it lies, flat, but then it gets larger. My mom thinks I should just give up. DO you have any advice?:blob8: Right now I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner, and occasionally just for me products.


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    What kind of products are you using now? Are you using shampoo? What kind? What kind of conditioners and stylers do you use and what is your routine when you wash and style your hair?

    This will help us know which tips might be the best for you personally and what changes you might need to make to your routine.
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    Go Natural!!! You have come to the right place. Lizzle is right though, we need to know a little more about your hair. What are you using? How do you style it? Is it heat damaged?

    Most of us here use a method called CG to take care of our curls. To understand better what that is read Laura Lee's Guide to going CG and then go look at the Before and After thread. Decide if it's something you'd be intersted in and then let us know about your hair.
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    Look for someone who has hair like yours--doesn't matter what they call it. "Stalk" them and see what they do--products and techniques. The other thing is to read, read, read.
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