So now what. . I'm starting to hate my hair

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So I did the bc in December and at first I really loved it. I always knew I wanted long hair and I transitioned for 9 months before doing the bc. My hair is very thick and course and I just couldn't manage the two hair textures. So I bc'd and thought I would get to know my hair as it grew out.

At first, that was fun. Seeing that I had curls and not the "naps" I always thought I had was great. Even having a short haircut was fun for a while. But now, the honeymoon is over.

Over the last 3 1/2 months, my hair has grown so now it's in this awkward stage. Too short to pull back, too long/uneven to look decent on a wash and go for very long. My daughter told me that my hair is always so hard and dry and she's right. I've tried countless products and at the end of the day my hair is either (1) hard and dry or (2) greasy and undefined.

So what do I do now? It's not that I want a relaxer again but I confess I have had lots and lots of thoughts about texturizing. I always loved the versatility of my hair before. Now I'm in curly-afro-stasis. I'm bored with it and I don't have the time or inclination to put so much energy into my hair only to have it look so-so and feel awful to the touch. Help.


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    I totally hear ya!!!! I have been there and back so many times. Don't texturize just yet. it's hard getting through the wierd stage. I big chopped at least twice. Once I gave in after almost 3 years natural and then got a relaxer. (that lasted 30 Days! It helped me remember why I went natural in the first place) Give it some more time. I see you just joined NC not to long ago. Keep looking aroung and check out peoples fotki pages, you'll get great inspiration and ideas. It's all a process and almost all of us have been where your at now.:iconbiggrin:
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    Don't get discouraged. Even if you texturize you still have to maintain it, so why bother. Maybe some of the curlies here can help you out with a little more info from you. What's your hair type? What's your routine? What products do you use/prefer? Pictures would help too.

    BTW, I have a head full of naps that grow unevenly, kink up on one side more than the other, and are prone to dryness and I still love them. :glasses3:
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    Hey Sis,
    Dont give up yet. Check all your products. When I had the same problem in January I realized that I was having protein overload (thanks to my hair journal and You might be experiencing the same thing. My hair doesnt like protein but once a month. I now use Yes to Cumcumbers (Cowash), AOHSR or Pantene Relaxed and Natural mask(DT), [buylink=]Jessicurl WDT[/buylink] and DevaCare One(as leave in) and my hair is sooooo much happier. :)
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    What products are you using?
    Have you tried two-strand twists or twist-outs?
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    Totally been there. Heck, still visit often! It sounds like you have a year of growth so why not experiment with twists/twistouts/braids? Or search fotki or natural blogs for style inspiration? has a great list of natural hair blogs. The info on them may help with your dryness issue as well.

    Keep hope alive. Good luck!
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    That is a tough length for all hair types from straight right through to kinky-coily or kinky. I agree with the suggestion for twist outs. I also recently saw some very nice bantu knot outs. Check out Curlnikki's blog for wonderful profiles of naturals, transitioning naturals, etc.
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