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What is your regime? I have an epilator, which was supposed to be less painful after about no? I have had that thing for about a year, and I still cringe whenever it's time to use it. Last time I tried nair I found it too harsh for my skin, and shaving is just too much work for me. I would like to find a long lasting method, and if my hair could grow back thinner that would be a plus. Basically I want the results that I get from my epilator, but less painful. I read waxing is ok but the hair still grows back thicker. TIA!!!

Oh yea, has anyone tried nads? If so, how did you like it?


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    I tried something similar to Nads called Moom. It didn't work too well for me, and it took way longer than shaving.

    Once in a while I use Veet (like Nair), but mostly I shave. Why oh why can't someone invent the perfect hair removal product?
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    I got laser hair removal done on my legs (from the knee down; I never shave above that anyway cause you can't see the hair) and I have LOVED the results. Exspensive and painful, but so worth it for me. I used to have so much trouble with shaving/hair removal products because my skin is so sensitive/prone to razor burn, but the laser treatments have helped so much.

    My next goal is to get the bikini line done...this would make my life 98475690836 times easier!
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