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my hair is like a 3c pyramid and is really short (grown down halfway down my neck) i really want to grow it out! ive tried cutting the end with a really sharp pair of scissors and it hasnt grown out, im scared itll be stuck like a pyramid forever!
shall i cut it or leave it to grow (ive waited for months and no sing of growing but i do use DT) or get layers (which might take about a year to make it grow back to this length although its short already and could really use some weight in the hair)
what to do???


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    If you want your hair to grow don't cut it as often. I know how frustrating it is when it seems like it isn't growing, but when you get the urge to cut just get your hair braided. Find protective styles (I prefer braids and ponytails). For growing hair out, patience is important because of shrinkage.
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    Don't Cut it if you want it to get longer. Is the curl really tight? are you getting a lot of breakage? why are you not seeing any new growth?

    find some way to wear it while you are letting it grow, and just try to be patient in the meantime moisture moisture moisture. especially if you get a lot of breakage.
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    Sounds just like me...I have the exact same hair, exact same problems :/ I don't have any suggestions, but I'll be watching this thread very carefully ^^;;
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