Pravana Straightner

pilotwife28pilotwife28 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi! I am doing this on Friday. Has anyone done it? Any info would be great. I do want it STRAIGHT.


  • JustitiaJustitia Registered Users Posts: 9
    Do you have any update on your experience with Pravana?

    I've done Coppola once -- it was fabulous but I felt the technician was careless and almost burnt my hair (yes she really did -- it was not just the product smoke.)

    Another technician at another place who I've gone to to get my hair chemically straightened in the past -- and who is extremely meticulous picked up on the keratin treatment at my suggestion.

    She chose Pravana over Coppola because it was cheaper. She also does not do any follow-up after 3 days of the solution being on -- you are supposed to do it yourself and there is no special sealant to washout the treatment with. (That is what she was told to do -- she is not being lazy or cheap.)

    She says the hair of the one client whom she did it on looks fabulous.

    But I am reluctant, when spending that kind of money and time, to go with anything last than the premier line --

    So I was wondering how yours went -- and do have any comparison with another keratin treatment product?

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