best hair day ever!

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i meant to post this yesterday (so pretend it's sunday)...

just thought i'd was pretty much the best
"wash-and-go" hair day ever...hopefully most of that is attributed to method and not to the fact that i henna'd through the night and dt'd this in link

after rinsing my henna out and after my dt (with aubry organics honey suckle rose) i detangled again with suave humecant (my fave). rinsed and then smoothed with herbal essence hello hydration and my brush in about 5 sections squeezing the section together when done smoothing with the brush. (i didn't rinse that out of course). then while still in the shower i put aloe gel over each of those out and wrapped my hair in my turbie twist towel for about 10-15 min. then i sealed with glycerin and coconut oil and put on a satin scarf til i was ready to go (about an hour later? maybe less)...fought every urge to touch until it dried (only about 2 hours???maybe a bit more).

needless to say i'm very happy with the results! not a whole lot of shrinkage either. this routine was very very simple and hopefully will continue to work and improve for my wash and go's.

the pics are of completely dry hair. (well maybe the roots were still a little damp. just a little) hopefully this is not a fluke lol and that it will help someone...ANYONE!!!!

:color: have a magical week ladies!!! :color:

Peace, Light, and Love


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    Looks great! Thanks for sharing.
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    I can't see Fotki from work (its blocked) can you post one picture pretty please!
    - Maria

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    everytime i try to upload a pic on here it fails...:-( idk what's up with that...sorry...i've tried :-(

    Peace, Light, and Love
  • mariag002mariag002 Registered Users Posts: 3,557 Curl Neophyte
    That's ok, I'll check from home. Look forward to seeing it :toothy8:
    - Maria

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    Beautiful pics!
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    Looks great!
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    very pretty!
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    tanks ladies! just hope that method helps someone!!!!

    Peace, Light, and Love

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