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VainityVainity Registered Users Posts: 110
Did any of you transition while you were pregnant?
If so, what did you do with your hair during delivery and those sleepless weeks that follow?
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  • mzmillionmzmillion Registered Users Posts: 874
    sounds like you might want to invest in some braids for delivery and a couple weeks after until you get everything a little more settled and have a little more time for your hair.

    Or get a wig for that time. Try
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  • mariag002mariag002 Registered Users Posts: 3,557 Curl Neophyte
    I know that a few people transitioned while pregnant. One was due in February and I haven't seen her post since then so I guess she's tied up at the moment.

    I will try to find her Fotki page and post it here for you. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!
    - Maria

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  • lisa6lisa6 Registered Users Posts: 543 Curl Novice
    I wore buns or ponytails during my transition. By the time I delivered, I had cut all the relaxed hair off, but I still wore buns/ponytails. When I delivered, I just put my hair in a high ponytail, so I could lay on my back comfortably. I think I wore it like that for about a week or two after delivery. It was very low-maintenance, and my ends were up high and out of the way.
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  • MissKinkyCoilyMissKinkyCoily Registered Users Posts: 827
    My friend had her hair braided for her delivery. She had cornrowed extensions which can last from 2-4 weeks. I used to wear both cornrows and individual extentions all the time. Maybe you should consider it. I have found that human hair can last 4-6 weeks and synthetic hair can last 8-12 weeks (probably longer, but that's all I can take). Congratulations and Good luck!

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  • hippychichippychic Registered Users Posts: 4,673 Curl Neophyte
    I did braids when preggo... best decision evah :happy11:
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  • VainityVainity Registered Users Posts: 110
    Thanks to everyone who responded. I'm in week 28 and time is winding down...
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  • CongolaiseCongolaise Registered Users Posts: 35
    Vainity, I am also pregnant (26 weeks) and transitioning. My hair was in a ponytail during the delivery of my first child and let me tell you, it was a hot mess after 21 hours of labor. My deliver pictures are horrifying! :sad9: This time, I plan to do cornrows with very little extensions tied up in a high ponytail. Good luck with everything.

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