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What kind of heat protectant do you use with your Maxiglide? I used Silk Elements heat protectant spray I bought at Sally's, and the blue paint/coating bubbled up and actually started peeling off!

Then I dropped it and now the handle is broken. I am now contemplating buying a new one. Does anyone know if the new Maxiglide has ceramic or ceramic-coated plates? I 'm not sure if the reason for the peeling was the heat protectant or the appliance itself.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I use Maxius Beyond Straight and Sabino Moisture Block. Both have heat protection in them. I've never had this happen. My last Maxiglide started to chip a little along with stopping working, but the company replaced it for free and I've had no problem since then. Since you dropped yours though and it broke, I'm not sure if they'll do this for you, however, they usually come with some kind of warranty so check that out. I honestly don't know if its ceramic coated or not. All I know is it works wonders for my hair :)

    Try emailing the company. I've done this in the past and I've gotten a thorough response within 2 days.
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