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KindredsTwin1983KindredsTwin1983 Posts: 347Registered Users
I love the leave-in moisturizing hairdress they have. I recently noticed they came out with an Olive Oil line, anyone tried this?? What else do you like from this line?


I'm going to buy their deep conditioner.
Hair Type - 3c, with a touch of 4a and a touch of 3b

Favorite Detangler - Any conditioner with high amount of behentrimonium mehtosulfate

Favorite Leave-in Conditioners - Suave Coconut, Giovanni Smooth and Silk and Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Pantene Relaxed and Natural

Favorite Hair Moisturizers - Silk Elements Hairdress


  • va_candiva_candi Posts: 849Registered Users
    I loved the Moisture Treatment when I was relaxed. I haven't tried it since I've been natural.
  • mixededmixeded Posts: 381Registered Users
    Yea I liked their conditioner while I was relaxed. I don't think I'd use it now because of all the cones, etc.
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  • msriss601msriss601 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I use the Olive Oil line and my Hawaiian Silky Miracle 14 in 1. That's all I need and my hair feels and looks wonderful.
  • nikkigiovanninikkigiovanni Posts: 14Registered Users
    For about a year I used the silk elements liquid styling gel. I really liked it because I got beautiful results when used over a leave-in conditioner. I recently stopped using it when I did a search on the ingredients. One of the ingredients, imidazolidinyl urea, is a highly carcinogenic formaldehyde releaser. Now I use products from the CURLS line. I love their products. I use the [buylink=]quenched curls moisturizer[/buylink] and the [buylink=]curl gel-les'c[/buylink].
    Hair type: 3C/4A; normal/high porosity; fine texture

    I currently use the following products from the CURLS product line at

    Shampoo: Curliscious Curls Cleansing Cream

    Conditioner: Coconut Sublime Organic Conditioner

    Moisturizer: Quenched Curls Moisturizer

    Styler: Curl Gel-les'c


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