Calling Out AlexisNicole3c

cclark1cclark1 Posts: 346Registered Users

Your Youtube videos are the bomb!!! You are doing your thing on the web. I love all of them. But I especially love the one about misconceptions about natural hair. You were speaking the truth. I agreed with everything you said. And plus I've seen your hair in person and you practice what you preach!! Your hair is beautiful. Anyway ladies, if you haven't visited her site, go there NOW!!!
Dare to be......remarkable!!!


  • freshwaterpearlfreshwaterpearl Posts: 305Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Great video!
  • curlynikkicurlynikki Posts: 2,420Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I love her and her hair! I"m pretty sure it was her bantu knot video I watched...and I don't watch Youtube vids! Short, elegant and to the point.
  • AlexisNicole3cAlexisNicole3c Posts: 63Registered Users
    Thank you ladies for your support and thanks Cclark1 for the shout out. Im gonna try to put out alot more videos on different styles and product reviews soon.

    (side note: btw, I hope to see you all at the Natural Hair show this weekend)
    3C/4A Hair. My BC was Sept. 2003. Its been 5 years and I'm always looking for suggestions and tips. :-)
    I just started doing hair tutorials/trying out new products on You Tube. Come Support
    pw: 3c

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