Should a 5 yr. old have a raised mole?

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My daughter just turned 5 last month. She has two moles that she has had since birth. One on her arm has always been dark, flush with the skin, and roundish, but has recently become raised. The other (on her other arm) is small, dark and round, but is now becoming hard and pimple-like to the touch. I just thought it was weird for a 5 year old to have these type of moles. I have been trying to find information on this, but most of what I have found has been pretty vague. For example, one symptom might be normal, but the same sympton could mean something is wrong. It's very confusing, and even if it is totally normal for someone to have it, I'm not sure if that means it is normal for a 5 year old.
Here is a picture, but not a good one. Hard to photograph skin with my camera.
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    take her to a doctor immediately. don't ask strangers online...
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    I second the dr.

    ABCD with moles is what to look for.

    Border (raised)
    Color (uneven)
    and diameter (increasing)
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    My daughter was born with a dark mole on her hip. With each passing year it got larger and furrier. The Dr. removed it when she was in kindergarten. She said if it had remained, her changes of getting skin cancer were astronomically higher than someone without a mole. Now that it is gone, she is no more likely than the rest of us to have skin cancer.

    Have a Dr. look at it. Why wait?
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    A pediatric dermatologist will be able to help, although typically, the attending physician at the birthing would have disclosed full medical issues once the check-up and blood work was complete as all internal and/or anomalies (lesions/tumors/cleft-palate/other defects,etc.)are recorded as well as distinguishing Natural Characteristics (such as eye-color/hair-color/skin/birthmarks/freckles/etc...).

    good luck to you both.
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    While I agree with a trip to the doctor advice, I just wanted to let you know that I've seen kids with raised moles growing up, including myself. I've had this raised mole on my inner hip for as long as I can remember (I'm 29), and as far as I know its nothing.
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    Agree with all who said see dr. right away. Dermatologist. Better safe than sorry.
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    The raised mole in and of itself is not uncommon - I and most of my family have had them since birth. It's the fact that they've changed that I think needs to be checked out.
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