Liquid Keratin Leave-In Condish

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Ok, now I tried the treatment kit and it did nothing for my hair and I know others on here have had the same (or worse) result. However, I've continued using the leave in as I like the way it makes my hair smell. Recently, I decided to try Aphogee in place of the Liquid Keratin as a leave-in in my routine. My hair didn't turn out so well. It was just dry, straw looking. It didn't straighten as nicely had these weird kinks. I cut the Aphogee out...still had weird hair. I used the Liquid Keratin Leave-in again the other day and WOW. My hair is back to being stick straight, silky and shiny! I had no idea it was this stupid leave-in that I was just using for scent! Is anyone else getting really nice results from this product? What makes me mad is it's so incredibly overpriced like everything else in their line (almost $30 for a full size bottle) and I'm running out of the trial size that comes with the kit. Grrr...but I'm considering breaking down and buying it. I thought their treatment was a joke...but this leave-in has got me intrigued.

Anyone who bought the kit and didn't like it want to sell me their leave-in? PM me if interested.
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    U know I hadn't used the leave-in, I may give it a try now that you've posted this, I'm planning on doing my hair tomorrow, I think I'm gonna give it a try.

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