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I thank everyone for the advice on different places to find henna, I got some from Henna by Cynthia and it should arrive tomorrow, has anyone else gotten it from there? I did it that way because I didn't want to end up with a really funky color if I mixed mine up wrong. Did others notice a difference in texture? or not?
Fine cherub curls. LUS brand user. That's all I need!


  • qimissungqimissung Posts: 211Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Fine cherub curls. LUS brand user. That's all I need!
  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    The short version is that you are probably asking a question that none of us can answer for you. Unless someone has bought henna from that particular vendor and that particular batch, it's really not something we can tell you about. It's not that you're being ignored. The long answer is below....

    Henna is a vegetable dye and as such, it can vary quite a lot based on the source, growing conditions, harvesting techniques, processing, handling, storage, etc. Exposure to light and oxygen tend to degrade vegetable hair colors quite a bit.

    It can also vary quite a bit from batch to batch, even if everythig else is the same, simply because you are grinding up a plant and putting it on your head. If there was a drought, it might be more concentrated. If there was a lot of rain, that batch might not work so well. If the plant matieral molded during the drying process, that might throw the color off. It's an organic, and therefore, somewhat uncertain process.

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