Getting braids and need some advice

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So I'm getting braids and I desperately need some advice seeing as I ve never had braids before. So I have some questions...
1. How do you wash braids and how often?
2. How long should they be left in?
3. Will the braids cause the relaxed hair to break off?
4. If i get braids once every 6 weeks for a year will that cause thinning and breakage at the temples?

Well thats all of the questins I have for now. I appreciate any answers or comments. Thanks Ladies!


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    1. What kind of braids are you getting? I think the type of braids you get depends on whether you can wash them. Usually if it is synthetic hair you are going to need to place some sort of netting cap on the top of your head in order to cleanse your scalp so you don't abraise the hair. I'm not too sure about human hair. I would suggest using ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) Anti-Itch Oil once a week to cleanse your scalp (apply with your fingers or a Q-Tip) and then following with ORS Shea Butter Lotion to keep your scalp moisturized. You can also use Sea Breeze to clean your scalp, just use a moisturizer after no matter what.

    2. It depends on what type of braids you are getting. I wore interlocks (a.k.a. crochet braids) for two years and I usually got my hair redone every 6-8 weeks.

    3. As long as you deep condition and moisturize your hair before getting your hair braided, you should be fine. I did not have any breakage during the two years I wore interlocks.

    4. It really depends on how thin your hair is around the temples already. While I didn't have any breakage in the majority of my hair, I did have some pulling around my temples. But my hair has always been a little thin on the edges near my ear.

    Hope this helps!
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    There's a good website called that has excellent information on transitioning with braids and I think they have a washing video.
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    thank you guys for the advice. I am really nervous about getting braids because i dont want my hait to break especially at the temples where I've heard it will break. I will remeber to tell the stylist not to braid so tightly but does anyone know if the hair will gorw back if it has been pulled by the braids? thanks ladies and if their is anymore advice please share.
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    SBB I just braid extensions for the first time and did a search that website is awesome!!! Thanks
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