Curly hair PROBLEM!

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Well i got a full head of curly hair that tends to get dry fast and frizzy even faster....i need help with products and suggestions on what to do especially for the frizz...i loove full curly hair and i want that look without it being dry and fizzy and crappy!!...Ne suggestions...i live in toronto, canada so if you no any places or if you can get stuff at shoppers for example PLS PLS TELL ME:)....thank u!

u can even email me

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  • bpbp Posts: 56Registered Users
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  • bpbp Posts: 56Registered Users
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    hey bp,

    now i have the same problem with frizz and all, but here are some tips:

    dont shampoo your hair everyday-try every other day. and afetr you shampoo, use conditioner-dont wask it all out either. leave some in to keep your curls moist. use and anit-frizz serum, like *CitruShine* then use gel and scrunch. make sure you work all the anti-frizz stuff through your hair before you put in the styling gel.

    and most importnant :DONT TOUCH YOUR HAIR. after you put the gel in, dont continue scrunchin-it just creates frizz

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    I use Garnier Fructis Curl Cream which really works. I comb my hair, put a bit it and then flip my hair over and put a bit more in. It makes your hair really, really, full but not frizzy. And I agree with Specablue07- don't tlouch until it's dry. No matter what. Even if it looks like it's too gelly- once it's dry, it won't look like that.

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    I suggest you smooth some leave in (my suggestions include B'leavin, suave-type condish, or Aveda's Be curly) into wet curls followed by a scrunching of gel( I use Angell but I've good things about Queen Helene's cholesterol gel) and finish by diffusing or plopping. Oh, I've also heard that rinsing your in cool water in the shower can cut down on frizz.
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    what the other people said lol
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    Warm up 2 drops of oil + 2 drops of conditioner in your hand by rubbing it evenly on your palms. Scrunch your wet hair (not dripping wet of course!) with this. Repeat 2-4 times depending on how thick or long your hair is.
    My hair is very thick (3b/c) and about 8 inches; I do four rounds every alternate day on wet hair and this really helps me cut down on frizz.
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