has anyone used Arbonne line?

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I just came from a presentation on Arbonne skin care products. They also have a makeup line, baby care line, and a shampoo & conditioner. Has anyone used either of these and can tell me if it's worth the money. I got samples of the baby line, but the ingredients are full of chemicals (not as natural as was advertised). The before & after pics that were passed around were amazing though.
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    years ago I tried the nutriminC eye cream...I didn't dislike it, but it didn't really do anything any ol' cream wouldn't do
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    I got a hand cream in a gift bag from a vendor once. It was tummy smelling and it definitely was a good hand cream. Didn't leave me feeling greasy. But now that I'm taking better care of my hair, I'd rather use all natural oils and butters to moisturize. But I did like it.
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    Their candles smell delcious and are long lasting. I would repurchase.

    I have samples of their skincare but haven't tried it. When I get around to it, will report a review.
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    I have tried this stuff. A friend of mine thought I would like it and sent a representive over to my house. She had such beautiful skin so I thought ok I need to try this. It takes so long to do all the steps and after the 5 days I had to try it my face itched like crazy. So, I was kind of happy that it didn't work because it was so expensive and if it worked I would have bought it.
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    I tried a few Arbonne products maybe like 4 or 5 years ago. They were OK, but didn't really do anything that special for my skin. Since then I've learned to use more "active" products with less fillers & the right concentrations of ingredients. Also have been taking Redcatwaves advice (thanks!) and now my skin is looking great!:blob2:
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    i promised a co-worker i'd go to a presentation at her place on this coming Wednesday because her daughter-in-law is selling it. it doesn't sound promising based on the last two posts.

    but i'm looking at it as research...
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    Well I didn't have any type of reaction like tk1970 did, but I had more of a "no reaction" I guess! The products felt nice & smelled nice, but I just didn't see any improvement in my skin (which is super oily!). I don't even remember what line I used at this point, but I know there was a cleanser & toner in one, an oil absorbing lotion for the day (which I used at night too), and a scrub that I used like 2X a week (what was I thinking?) LOL! :shock:

    I stopped using them because it was getting expensive, and I felt like I could get the same results with a drug store brand. Maybe you could just buy a body product or something?
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    Nice enough but certainly not worth the money in my opinion. I like almost everythng I've tried from PSF though. The only thing I haven't really liked is the castile cleanser...I prefer the orange one from Garden of Wisdom.

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    Thanks all! Since my original post, I've been using the acne line on & off. It has salicylic acid and is drying so I alternate it with my other products. I really haven't noticed a difference either with the skin vare products.

    I do love the baby line, especially the baby oil. It's really gotten rid of my little girl's dry excema patches. There's a sunscreen that's gentle and doesn't cause her to react but it only has an SPF of 30, and I feel babies need a stronger sunscreen.

    I like California Baby baby wash and lotion, but l still haven't found anything comparable to the Arbonne baby oil. I'd like to find something that I like just as well that I don't have to order.
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    I tried the Arbonne Acne line. It made my face breakout insanely (combination skin). I used it for 4 weeks, I really wanted to like it. >.<
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    Oh well...i will not even bother trying anything from this line..i use almost natural products and my skin is clearing up nicely.

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