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hey! i'm new here, i just thought i'd say hey! i'm 17, have 3B hair and its a love/hate relationship...

i'm latina and was adopted into a white family... and when i say white, i mean, formerly amish... think swede/german background... so i stand out a touch and no one knows what to do with my thick, dark curly hair... so i'm here for support, and tips!



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    So, about curly hair. I'm not sure how much you know about it, so I'll start from the basics.

    1) Only shampoo about once a week. Shampoos with the igredients such as "soduim laureth sulfate" and "sodium lauryl sulfate" can be drying to hair, especially curly hair which is dry naturally. A lot of curlys use a sulfate-free condtioner a few times a week, and clarify with sulfate shampoos once a month.

    2) You may want to avoid products with silicones. Um...there's an article here somewhere about 'cones, but I can't find it right now. Anyways, silicones give you short term shine, but they will coat your hair and make it crappy after a while. Many curlies avoid some or all cones because they don't shampoo often because it dries hair out (see above), and you *have* to use a sulfate shampoo if you use cones.

    3) Find a good condioner. I use 2: A conditioner-only wash and an actual conditioner. I use a cheap Suave or V05 to CO wash, that is, use a conditioner like you would a shampoo. Massage your scalp with it, etc. After that, use a heavier, more moistureising conditioner.

    4) Don't use a towel to dry your hair. It will most likely cause frizz. I use a t-**** to dry my hair, which cuts way down on the frizz. I actually mostly just squeeze the water out, and sorta blot with the t-shirt. Some curlies also use microfiber towles or turbans, but I find an old t-shirt works fine for me.

    There's a *lot* more, but you can surf around the forums. I'm sure you'll find lots of advice.

    Oh, one warning: If you aren't used to buying curly-specific products and you buy drugstore stuff, be prepared to spend some moolah. Your conditioner most likely isn't going to be from Long's. It will cost at least $10 for a tiny bottle. Most styling products that curlies here use are WAY more expensive than durgstore brands. When I first saw the prices of these products, my brain nearly imploded. I'm still not quite used to it. But I suppose you pay for a good quality product.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome :D
    I think the above advice is excellent. Also, I just wanted to add that there are recipes for stuff like honey rinses here too, alongside homemade deep treatments and stuff. They can help while starting, until you look around and see what products you think will work and you want to try.
    I'd reccomend getting a diffuser. It attaches onto your hair dryer, and helps to dry curly hair without much frizz. Also, only brush your hair when it's loaded with conditioner and in the shower. You may want to use a wide tooth comb for this, because it's easier on your hair. For days between showers, you can sleep while pineappling (putting your hair in a very high ponytail ontop of your hair). It helps to keep curls.
    Satin pillow cases apparently do wonders for frizz, so you could buy one or make one yourself.
    If you need some drugstore product suggestions/reccomdnations, to start, I'd be happy to help. Just PM me. :) I tend to buy from them rather then online, as it's much cheaper. Drugstore products may not deliver the best quality, but while your starting to learn and try out different things, they're more affordable (no need to waste 20 bucks on a product that doesn't work :lol: ).
    P/w: curls

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