What does it mean for Obama to fail?

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For those of you who want Obama to fail (or support talk show hosts or governors who want him to fail), what does Obama's failure look like? What does it mean for our economy if his efforts to restore it fail?


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    This should be interesting.
  • wild~hairwild~hair Posts: 9,890Registered Users
    Or not! :occasion5:
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    i see it as some people who think that that they have to be right, all the time even when they are wrong. The fact that a man is being criticized simply for trying to something a lil differently.

    The way i see it republicans had 8 years to do what they want, and look where it got us!

    I havent figured out how to add pictures..:angry7:

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    I agree with Dominiqueruth.

    The people wanting him to fail bring nothing to the table except the status quo politics of mudslinging and *****ing.

    At least from the sidelines these people can stay out of the way while this country moves forward.
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