Living Proof

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I received some free bottles as a trial, and wouldn't use them in Canada during the winter, since it's not humid. Did bring them out of the cupboard when I went for a vacation last week to the Dominican....where it rained 5 out of 7 days (great vacation eh?) Now curlies usually when we arrive in the islands we have a little thing we go through "Let's watch Notty's hair curl!". Not this year - this stuff is amazing! I blew my hair dry then used the flat iron on it and it actually stayed frizz free the entire trip........except for one day when there was torrential downpour then it had waves in it.....absolutely no frizz!

I would not have believed it if it wasn't on my hair! I am in Florida now and haven't got any curls now!

This stuff is great - I am going to try the stuff to curl your hair as well.........:blob7::blob7::blob7:

I put some pics on my fotki!
:toothy7:between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

When I get to be 'Queen of the World', I will absolish WIND!!!:queen:


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    I love this stuff also. I have the curl defining cream and spray. Love it, love it, I don't have to use anything else, I get curls, no frizz, and volume on the top with air drying. Perfect product for me.

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