Going to Curlisto/Christo Salon in NYC need help!!!

JenNY03JenNY03 Registered Users Posts: 12
I am going to Curlisto in NYC and have an appointment with Alice ... i heave read great reviews about her ... if you have used her please leave some feedback ... i have 3b hair and i want her to cut and striaghten it .. i have a couple questions:

1. i know they blow dry hair but do they also flat iron it for you

2. will she be able to get it pretty straight ... i am able to flat iron my ahir and it comes out straight to the point you wouldnt even know i had curly hair ... although it is becomming harder to do now ... do you think she will be able to do it?

3. can you pay cash there and if you have gone there how do you tip?

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