Am I a 3a or a 3b?

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Hey guys!
I can't figure out if I'm a 3a or a 3b. My hair isn't as curly as the 3b pictures I've been looking at but my hair doesn't become more of less straight ever. I've had it really short and really long and it's always kept the same curliness. Thanks!

Ok! Here's a pic!
Sorry I didn't put it on here earlier. Just got a new computer so I don't have any pics on here. I had to search on my sister's photobucket and this was the best one I could find!

So, there's the link. I'm the one with the curly hair, obviously. Thanks again.


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    Do you have pictures? We'll be able to help you better if we can actually see your hair.
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    3a that could be 3b with a little more moisture.
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    I agree with Speckla, your hair could really curl more with a little moisture =]
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