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haha, I am pretty clueless when it comes to straightening 3c/4a.

What do you do when you straighten your hair? I heard some people blow-dry their hair and then straighten it. Is this the best way to do it?

Also, I am going to buy a ceramic straightener, but which one should i get? There are so many brands; What works best for our hair? And if I need a blow dryer, which one should I get?
AND, what chemicals do you put in your hair before you straighten it? I have olive oil products.. is that enough or do I need a heat protectant also (any recommendations?)?

Thanks in advance!!


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    in my winter 2009 fotki album, i have examples of how i straighten my hair witha flat iron. i never blow dry first because (a) im far too lazy (b) i suck at blow drying (c) i dont want to use excessive heat and (d) my method works really well, so i dont actually need to blow dry first.

    im a big fan of professional ceramic flat iron. theyre a bit pricer, but when it comes to alot of hair related items, i find i get what i pay for. i have a CHI. i dont put any chemicals in my hair to straighten. i like to start with "dirty" hair (hair that hasnt been freshly washed) because it provides a bit more protection against the heat. and i never use commercial heat protectants. many arent CG and you really dont need to buy one. you need to use one of course, but i use either the oil i normally use on my hair or a shea butter.

    i would wait to straighten if i were you though. i know youve been talking about breakage and splits recently and using heat definitely isnt going to add positively to that situation.
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    CHI or FHI irons are really good. Like Subbrock said, you get what you pay for so you should really invest in a good iron like this.

    When I straighten my hair or get it professionally done, I/they blow dry my hair first and then use a FHI.
    I hear alot of people that braid their hair and such until it dries and then flat iron it instead of blowing it dry. That doesnt work with my hair because its super thick...I will end up with a bigger mess if I dont blow it out straight first. You know your texture so if you feel you could flatiron your hair after you let it airdry then go for that and use less heat.

    I would suggest using some type of protectant. The key to bouncy straight hair is to not put too much in it. You dont want it to be weighed down. Something light is perfect.
    3C/4A Hair. My BC was Sept. 2003. Its been 5 years and I'm always looking for suggestions and tips. :-)
    I just started doing hair tutorials/trying out new products on You Tube. Come Support
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