How should I get my haircut?

kimmiebimmiekimmiebimmie Posts: 3Registered Users
here's a link of what i have to work with
i also want something that will work with my face shape. and bangs or no bangs? they would ofcourse be longer and off to the side, nothing short and in my face.


  • vanessacatgrrlvanessacatgrrl Posts: 5Registered Users
    Are you wanting anything in particular? With your facial structure, I think you could go pretty short and look great, but your curls are so pretty that it seems a shame... What is going on under the headband? Do you have pics without it?
  • kimmiebimmiekimmiebimmie Posts: 3Registered Users
    nope nothing in particular, i've had long sliced in layers and thinned it a bit on the end before, but i'm open to new ideas, and no unfortunately i have no pics of me with my hair down w/o a headband. i've never noticed that

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