Has anyone tried these supplements

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Pure Skin Claryifying Dietary Supplements.

available on www.murad.com and other websites.

They are supposed to reduce breakouts over 4-6 weeks. I haven't read a bad review and my best friend did an experiement. She has been taking them for 3 months now. She is having issues with horomnal acne and she says this is the only thing that has help her. She takes this with evening primrose oil.

Listen, I have changed my diet numerous times. I have decrease sugar and dairy. I drink more water than I care to drink, (I am tired of hearing my stomach sloshing around and feeling nauseaous). I work out, I have decreased stress. I have tried natural products and products that are for sensitive skin. I have eliminated products that contain benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, salytic acid and glycolic acid...I have tried a tip on the lchf bu using honey since it has healing properties and then adding a drop of honey to my oil free moisturizer..the only thing that happened was that it clogged my pores and gues what I woke up with...a freaking pimple

I have ingested vitamins but I am not getting the percentage right and I still break out..I tried another suggestion that called for taking alpha lipoic acid supplement..guess what, I had a rash so bad I had to call in and take benadryl until the rash went away..I hated it..i got some beautiful sleep though...I am tired.smiley7.gif.I cannot afford a dermatologist along with whatever he or she may prescribe. (and please if the dermatologist stuff won't work I will be pissed more so than I am now...smiley7.gifI am in a wedding in September and I need to get a grip on this now..I refuse to let the make up artist my cousin is hiring to put tons of make up on my face and making my face feel like crap.

If there is a thread about it can someone bump it up please...TIA

I am trying to fit this in my budget so that I can purchase these next friday.

So if anyone has tried this please post. TIA


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    Supplements and vitamin pills have an alarming tendency to be contaminated with high amounts of heavy metals. And if you're healthy and eat a normal diet (ie, not subsisting on ramen or fast food), you don't need to take them. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

    Also, this product has an average rating of only 2.8 out of 5 at Makeup Alley, which is very low.

    This MUA review is priceless:
    I used this a few years ago VERY faithfully for several months. I didn't notice any improvement in my skin. I continued to take it, however, which was a mistake.

    Over a couple of months, I developed a severe heart arrythmia that the doctor, through blood tests and EKGs, was able to trace back to the unusually high amounts of minerals in this supplement. In particular, the chromium content is very high, which was what my doctor determined was causing the constant fluttering and stopping/ starting of my heart muscles (at the time, I was only 24 and had never had heart problems in my life, not even high blood pressure). I had to stop taking it immediately on the advice of my doctor.

    The lesson I learned from this is to be very, very careful with ANY supplement you add to your diet, especially one as potent as this one. And despite all the cash I shelled out, it did nothing for my skin-- plus I had to pay a lot for all the tests for my heart.
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    Wow....thanks:angry5:...I guess taking 4 tablets as opposed to one..should have sent an alert...I don't know why a person can't just take one.
  • pandoraspoxxpandoraspoxx Registered Users Posts: 248
    Thanks for the link...never thought to check out make up alley...

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