Help with Dry Crown Area

tsha74tsha74 Registered Users Posts: 81
Hello Ladies,

I need some advise. I'm now in my 4th month of transitioning and just the last week or so I've noticed that the crown area of my head is extremely dry no matter what I put there to moisturize. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can use?

My routine has been to shampoo once with CD Black Vanilla shampoo then co-wash w/either Pantene Relax & Natural or HE Hydration. Saturday I did a DT with Pantene Relax & Natural hair mask (seemed to help for a little while) :sad7:

I'm trying to stay away from heat so I either roller set with flexirods (most of the time) playing around with twist and braid outs (letting hair air dry) I use CD Mimosa Honey to separate curls once dry and olive oil at night at scalp.

Thanks for any help!! I don't want to get discouraged, I'm starting to like my curls.:glasses8:
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Transitioned: 18 months
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  • Jaguar PawJaguar Paw Registered Users Posts: 199
    Try to clarify your hair. Many ladies have had success with a apple cidar vinegar rinse. You can even try bentonite clay for a deep cleanser , but the acv rinse is a cheaper cleaner.

  • onethousandcurlsonethousandcurls Registered Users Posts: 1,118
    It might be build up, like Jaguar Paw is suggesting. If that doesn't work, try Lustrasilk Cholesterol. The two popular varieties around here are the Olive Oil and the Shea Butter Mango.

    I tried both, and have had extremely dry hair that apparently wants to stay that way. The SBM seemed to just sit there, and when I rinsed, I was not impressed at all. The OOC worked much better on me, and I've been using it for a few days with some improvement (as opposed to none).

    I recommend the OOC, but others have used the other or both with success.
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  • tsha74tsha74 Registered Users Posts: 81
    Thanks ladies, I will have to try the ACV and OOC for my next shampoo. I'll let you know how it works.
    Last Relaxer: Nov 2008
    Transitioned: 18 months
    BC: April 4/20/2010
  • nanunanunanunanu Registered Users Posts: 3
    i have heard from many people that Pantene dries out hair, including stylists. i naturally have very dry hair and use to use Pantene but switched to another brand and have found that my hair is not as dry
  • tsha74tsha74 Registered Users Posts: 81
    Hi ladies,

    I couldn't take it any more, I had to break down and shampoo my hair again. After doing some research on the site I mixed 1 tablespoon of baking soda in with my CD shampoo and followed with an ACV rinse, then my conditoner OOC. My hair is much softer and manageble today.

    Nanunanu what brand did you switch to. I'm thinking real hard about ordering the Kinky Curly line, I just don't know if it is too early in my transition to start with those products.
    Last Relaxer: Nov 2008
    Transitioned: 18 months
    BC: April 4/20/2010

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