Did GWB really say this?

gryantmarch2stepgryantmarch2step Registered Users Posts: 454
I didn't watch the President last night but I heard on the radio that he said something like...."These new immigrants are all terrorists"...and blah, blah blah. I can't remember all of it but it was something to that affect.
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  • katethegreatkatethegreat Registered Users Posts: 801
    I don't recall a comment anything like that, but maybe you could find the transcript of the speech somewhere.
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  • aferokamosalicaferokamosalic Registered Users Posts: 1
    i don't like it.
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  • kurlzkurlz Registered Users Posts: 22
    i ddint see it
    but form all the compliments bush has made
    i dont think this one wud b a shocker comin from his mouth

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