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Hello Curlies,

Once a month I straighten my hair and I am looking for a cheap hairspray that is CG. In the summer I tend to use rollers to soften my curls with no heat and I need a bit of control on certain parts of my hair, Can any of you recommend a good and cheap CG hairspray that gives a good hold but not too sticky?

Thanks Curlies :p
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    I think the majority of hairsprays have denatured alcohol in them, which will dry your hair. Could you try using a spray gel?
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    I just got some Garnier Fructiese Curl Spray to try and so far it seems to be pretty good. Not too crunchy and doesn't seem to be too drying. It isn't as harsh or sticky as most hairsprays.

    The ingredients look ok, I'm not sure about the denatured alcohol content, will have to look again. But in terms of looks pretty CG friendly.

    The same brand spray gel is so far my favorite.
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    Sorry, but it's the alcohol content in the hairspray that actually holds your style and protects it from the humidity. The alcohol-free hairsprays that are in the market work terribly and usually leave nasty residues. Why not use a CG hair polisher as your sealant instead? Or a tiny bit of shea butter? They both work great as anti-humectant finishers and they're CG too.
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    I have been debating trying Tweek, since I love CK. Tweek is the hairspray equivalent for curly hair days. However I just noticed a product called Remain Straight. I don't know if this helps you.

    "ReMane Straight™ will assist in straightening the hair safely during blow-drying, by sealing the hair cuticle while protecting hair against heat and stretching. C.H.S. ReMane Straight™ is humidity resistant."

    Ingredients DI Water, Wheat Protein, Gaurgum, Panthenol, Oleyl Alcohol, Laureth 23, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Fragrance, DMDM Hydantoin, Potassium Sorbate, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Polyacrylamide. Natural extracts: Chamomile Extract, Horse Tail Extract, Nettle Extract, Sea Kelp Extract.

    It is not super cheap but the CK has lasted me a long time so it might work out to be cost effective.
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    i know TRESemme tres spray is a cg friendly hairspray. i cant remember if it was sticky though. at my kmart they sold trial sizes for like $1. maybe you could get a trial size to test
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    If you are only using hairspray occassionaly (sp?), then I would think the alcohol denat wouldn't be a big deal as long as you remember to do a little extra conditioning. That is my thought. I use hairspray on special occasions too and mine contain alcohol denat. I take care to do extra conditioning when I do use hairspray. I use Garnier fructis and the sebastian knock off from sally's, also Giovanni has some that does not have the alcohol. I find these hold my hair well for whatever occasion and the next day the crunch is gone. HTH.
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