I did the world's greatest shave

hi everyone,

I'm had a thread in the aussie swap board for awhile
I took part in Leukaemia Foundation World's Greatest Shave this year.

One of the aussies suggested I posted a thread here.. so here I am :D

Take a look at my Profile Page by clicking this link: /home/leaving?" class="Popup

you can see me with all my hair and what I look like now! :D

If you'd like to support me (which would be greatly appreciated), you can make a secure online donation using your credit card.

- Every hour of every day, at least one person in Australia is diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.
- Every two hours, someone loses their life to blood cancer.
Please help me raise as much as I can for the Leukaemia Foundation. Their vital work provides patients with practical support during their long and tough treatment, as well as funding important research.

Thanks for your support!

Amelia (a.k.a curlywurlygurly)
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/home/leaving?" class="Popup

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    I think your link is broken, or stupid internet just won't let me few it.

    Either way,what you are doing is great! Its so nice of you!
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    Wow, you are brave! Bet it looks cool.
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    I got this link from the other thread posted above.

    /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    Good for you! That's a wonderful thing you did. :)

    Does the hair go to making wigs for cancer patients? I couldn't find info on your link.
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    sorry about the link.. I must have done something wrong?

    Thanks curlilocks for posting that link, it seems to work for me.

    I looked into donating my hair to make wigs for cancer patients, but wig makers are actually very picky with hair. It wasn't allowed to be colour treated (which mine was) and had to be at least 30cm long (mine was layered so not all 30cm long) atm... my hair is in a plastic bag as I'm not sure what to do with it! creepy, I know! lol

    Thanks for all your support.

    I'll be sure to put some new photos up soon on my fotki etc.. My skin is breaking out atm, I think due to stress and the last thing I want to do is take photos!
    2 something Australian :toothy4:

    /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
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    Come on all curly/wavy girls!

    I know curlywurlygurly has already shaved, but let's all support her in what she has done - I am sure that there are very few people here who would have the guts to do this!

    If you can afford to make a donation for a good cause - the Leukaemia Foundation - it is not too late!!
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    Wow congrats! I know i don;t have the guts! I'm here trying to grow my hair long enough, so when i do cut and donate it, i have some hair left to play with! I could never cut it all off... but i'm happy their are people like you who are brave enough to do it! Make sure you tell everyone what you did and why! Maybe you'll inspire someone :)
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