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I recently had a bad experiance with a couple of products. Please do not suggest Suave, Vo5, ACV, honey, olive oil.

I need a co wash that is free of harsh preservatives, know...just to get the job done.

I am interested in KBB shampoo and CO but cannot really afford it at the moment.

Any body have any cheap and safe reccomendations, also feel free to post ones similar to KBB...the inner product junkie is itching to break loose this summer.

my main problem seems to be when I use the littlest of product...I can scratch my finger and get flakes and gunk sometimes...not a lot but it is there. Recently I have gotten less because I stopped using shampoo, but still I need a weekly cowash...

Thank you soooo much lovely ladies and gents.
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    If olive oil didn't work for you, try another oil. Avocodo, Soy Bean, Peanut, Sesame, etc. are all readily available from the grocery store. Mayo, egg and a few other things also spring to mind. But I'd only use them as deep treatments, not a regular conditioner.

    You've pretty much dismissed all the *cheap* CG brands. Aloe Vera is just a styling product, not really a conditioner. And you can see how I use honey in my signature... it's not a conditioner on it's own either.

    Maybe hit the swap boards and see if you can trade some kind of service or something you already have for someone else's discarded conditioner????
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    I rarely use shampoo--mostly natural soap bars. They are much milder and very reasonable. The rare times I shampoo, I like the Donna Marie Sugar Honey Oasis. Last time I was on the website, I think I noticed that the shampoo had changed.
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    Thank you ladies. :love5:

    Right now olive oil works. I just listed those products so no one would reccomend them again. I have been coming to terms with the sensitivity of my scalp and skin and cannot use the CG Sauve and Vo5.


    The only products I use are honey, olive oil, water...for rinsing and detangling.

    But I think olive oil may be a bit heavy, but so far it is all I have got and it works despite that. I have fluffy hair. I will definatly hit the swap boards.

    I think I am leaning towards the bars.
    I only shampoo when I feel I need it and right now the olive oil is really soothing my scalp when I rinse it out. My hair has been thriving since I stopped the shampoo.

    After examining my hair I think it is in need of some good moisture styling products and a bi-monthly deep treatment.

    I am definatly going to try the aloe vera gel, I have an aloe plant outside..and have been wondering about making my own gel.

    I live in the middle of no where(cannot go to store, too far and too hot to walk) in a very hot hot climate in southern CA.

    I am moving to San Francisco in the fall so right now I have to deal with this climate and then SF but I think I will be ready.

    Thank you two so much,

    Another question is...anybody have good natural or almost natural suggestions for a non drying heat protection spray or moisturizer? The summer wreaked havoc on my hair last year and I have just recovered in time for yet another

    Once again, thank you so much ^_^.
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    I think you might want to try making your own shampoo bar. I'll post a recipe for you in a minute. It's not hard to do and the ingredients are NOT expensive.
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    That would be so awesome Morrighu, I like making my own products. It is fun to experiment.

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    Cheesy Toast-
    Have you thought about trying a different kind of oil? Several oils, including coconut, babassu, camellia and avocado, have been shown to penetrate the hair shaft like olive oil. Babassu and camellia are both lighter than olive oil. Avocado oil is as heavy or heavier, but I find it absorbs more completely.
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    If you live near a Trader Joe's you should try their Nourish Spa conditioner. Its under 5 bucks and you get 16oz of conditioner. Its all natural and free of harsh chemicals and cones.
    For the flakes you could try doing a ayurvedic tea rinse twice a week with a cleansing and conditioning powder.
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    Apparently my ISP has been quite literally struck by lightening. It's much easier to post when you have Internet access :) This particular recipe was for a very blond friend of mine. There are instructions below on how to modify it if you're not a blond.


    Crock Pot Shampoo Bar Recipe

    3oz Canola Oil
    12oz Castor Oil
    14oz Coconut Oil
    2oz Hempseed Oil
    2oz Jojoba Oil
    11oz Olive Oil
    16oz liquid (chamomile tea is a good choice for light hair)
    6oz lye
    .8oz eo (I use lavender, neroli, and spearmint)

    I use 15oz of Chamomile tea brewed very strong and 1oz of lemon juice. I buy the Chamomile at the spanish food store. If you do this, be sure to filter out any blossoms or other stray bits. If you don't, you'll eventually be picking them out of your hair.

    Once you have your liquid prepared (Note: You can use plain water), mix the lye (Sodium Hydroxide) into the liquid. <-- Important. If you add the liquid to the dry lye, you will have a nasty caustic volcano. You will also want to use a glass or enamel container for this as it gets HOT. Some wimpy plastic containers might not hold up to it. You will also want to use plastic utensils for the mixing.

    Mix the lye into the water and let sit in a safe place. Be sure to keep this away from pets and children.

    While your lye mixture is cooling, toss all your oils/fats EXCEPT the hemp into the crock pot and let them start to heat. This is the part where you need a thermometer. Once the oils and fats are all liquid and about 100-120 F, then you will add your lye liquid mixture.

    Cover and cook for about an hour. Stir as needed. A stick blender is REALLY REALLY REALLY useful for this. You can do it without one, but you will start to build arm muscles.

    Your soap will eventually start to reach "trace" where it will actually make "strings" off the spoon on the top of the soap while you're stiring it. Once you get to the "trace" (and you can google for photos of this), then you can either use a pH indicator or you can do it the old fasioned way and taste your soap. Note: Be prepared to rinse your tongue liberally. Now is the time to add your hemp oil. Be sure to incorporate it fully. This is the part where the stick blender gets really really handy!!!

    Shortly after I do a tongue test and when the zing is gone, add your essential oils and keep stirring until they are completely mixed in. Then you can turn the crock pot off.

    Pour the soap into whatever mold you are using. I prefer to use an old paper milk carton, which I don't feel bad about peeling off when it's done. Wrap it in a couple of old blankets and let it continue to "cure" for 24 hours. At the end of that time, your soap *should* be fairly solid and ready to be cut into individual bars. Get a big sharp knife and/or burly man to help you. Slice in to 1 1/2 to 2" thick bars. Set out on a shelf somewhere and allow the bars to air cure for another 2-3 weeks or longer.

    If you have dry hair or scalp, you can try upping the olive oil and cutting back on the coconut oil. If you edit the oils, though, be sure to visit one of the online lye calculators to recalcuate the amount of lye you need. Too little lye and it won't make soap. Too much, and well...

    If you have oily hair, lemon juice or ACV can be added to help with that. Be careful with the lemon juice if you color your hair or if you have darker hair.

    Herbal teas can be used based on what you want to do with your hair. Chamomile helps lighten hair. Rosemary helps darken hair. Peppermint is just minty and nice. You can also infuse the herbs into the oils themselves.
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    Have you tried Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat? The tea tree is great for the scalp. What about sugar scrubs ? I like white sugar but a lot of people use brown. Oh, and PVP or plastics in styling products will coat the scalp and make "gunk".

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    I've recently been using Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 as a leave-in in addition to raw shea butter. That's all I have to use these days and my hair is fantastic. I am thinking of trying homemade flaxseed gel, I hear that it is great.
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    Thank you everyone, I appreciate all of the replies I have gotten. And the lovely hair I am seeing : )


    Next week I am going to buy some Jojoba. I finaly made it to the vitamin shoppe today. : ) I picked up things I really need for now.


    I saw that it had protiens in it, my hair really, really dislikes them. Also it was pretty low in the ingredients list but still for now I want to be safe. As for the tea rinse and powder, that is something I am interested in.


    Unfortunatly, at the moment I do not have a well equipped kitchen to make soap. When I move I am definatly going to experiment with making my own soaps and products. I saw Kathymack has some really awesome scented soaps available along with some KBB samples, I have to wait until I move to buy them though.


    I researched Giovanni, but alas the proteins in the Tea Triple Treat make my hair run for cover, screaming bloody murder.


    All I can say about the Hawaiian Silky Worker is not for me. I hope to buy some raw shea butter , for my ends. As for the flaxseed gel, I am still trying to find and old stocking to make some, I have flax seeds ^_^. I cannot wait to try it.

    Once again thank you,

    Today I made it to Trader Joe's and found some castile soap for cleaning my scalp, their brand has oils and aloe vera in it so I am excited to try it as a scalp wash.

    I also went to the Vitamin Shoppe which was down the street from TJ's and I bought Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose CO and Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave in( the old version)
    I am a bit hesitant to try the Jane Carter one but I have an old formulation which seems friendly. If it works for me I am going to buy some more before they run out of the spray because it was cheap along with the AO which was cheap too.

    I notice some Jane Carter products uses more "unfriendly" preservatives now along with Hydantoin. So I was dissapointed

    It seems the Vitamin shoppe is having a huge sale( Hair Products and skin products) in store and online ladies, I would shop right now if I were you ^_^. They have a huge selection.

    I hope you all have Awesome Weekends.

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