Stylist messed up my hair?

hiddenbeautyhiddenbeauty Registered Users Posts: 3
I'm very picky with who cuts my curly hair, so I took a chance about a month ago and let a hairstylist layer it.
And it looks awful! she layered it all wrong!
My hair is about an inch longer than my shoulders.
I'm pretty sure my hair is in between 3a and 3b for my bottom layer and the top layer is 3b...
So anyways, she layered it with two layers, the top and the bottom layer..
well, the top layer is about 3 inches shorter than the bottom layer!!! and the top layer sticks out, because she made the bottom layer thinner...


  • j-jill. j-jill. Registered Users Posts: 147
    Try going to a different salon and ask them to fix it up for you.
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  • curlyandproud124112curlyandproud124112 Registered Users Posts: 49
    Ask around from other curlies to find a good stylist. Then before you get your hair fixed, go to your previous stylist and politely tell her/him what happened. It will probably show them what they did wrong, even if you never go back. It will help future curly salon goers.
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