Help for my curls!!!

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Hello everyone!! I need help!!! Im going to make a long story short...Im tired of straight ironing my hair, and damaging it, im ready to let my curls be free and wild again...but they need help. :(

I have been dying my hair non stop, as well as ironing it, everything you can imagine. Its very dry adn damaged, i just had it cut. My hair used to be riglets, soft beautiful ringlets, now all i have left, is some wavy out of control hair, with no curl definition!!! I have tried alot ALOT of products, but because its short and damaged, and im not an expert with products, or the diffuser, the products just seem to be weighing my hair down.

I need help, from what type of shampoo to leave in conditioner, to how many times can i wash my hair ( i used to wash it everyday for the last 10 years) I need help with curl defining products, something that wont leave it crunchy. I believe my hair used to be 3 c now its a 3a. Before it was big, curly sue hair, now its a big mess!!! Can someone please help me???

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