Curly in NJ for the week

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Hello All.. I'll be in Jersey City for work this week so since I rarely get out anymore I want to take full advantage of this trip..... any ideas where a natural girl can go to have some hair fun??? I would love to pick up some [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] also but not sure exactly where the nearest spot would in the Jersey City area.

If anyone is interested in a meet-n-greet I would be interested in that too.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks :toothy7:


Falling in love more and more each day with my natural hair :love4:

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    I live in NY and Jersey City is a hop skip and jump away from NYC on the PATH train. You would be in NY in mere minutes and can go to Rickys, whole foods, trader joes etc for all your hair shopping fun. If you want to stay in Jersey City maybe you can check the whole foods or trader joes websites for their store locators and see if there are any near you. Jersey City also has some good restaurants btw.

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