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so today in the newspaper there was a makeover article featuring a beautiful woman with lovely curls. she didn't know how to care for them though, so they were frizzy and big. wouldn't you know, they straightened them. now how is she supposed to ever get her hair to look like a pro stylist did it by herself? she looked better with her wild locks, and it's ridiculous to suggest that she'd be able to maintain that look. :x stupid people. they could have just taught her to care for her hair!
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  • LeviosaLeviosa Posts: 5Registered Users
    I don't like it when they do that. On a lot of make-over shows they tend to do that. Apparently to give them a "change", to see themselves with straight hair for once. As interesting that is, it's insane as a curly haired person to go through straightening your hair all the time (especially if you are very low maintence). I, for one, would prefer someone to tell me how to style my hair curly.
  • -x0xashx0x--x0xashx0x- Posts: 5Registered Users
    I totally agree,
    i wish that they would tell us how we can take better care of our curls
    (aka no frizz, defined, moisturized)
    i think that would be something more useful to the poor women.

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