How often do I co-wash?

I've been reading forums for HOURS and you ladies are so helpful.

I want to start the CG method SOON, and I feel very informed after much research.. but one thing I still don't know... do I use my regular (Suave/VO5/etc) conditioner every single day? Do I use my deep-moisturizing/leave-in conditioner every day?

I don't want to become over-conditioned, so I'm wondering if you use the co-washing method maybe twice or three times a week and just do a rinsing method (sans any conditioner) the rest of the week?

Thanks in advance, lovelies!


  • ReddishRocksReddishRocks Registered Users Posts: 779 Curl Neophyte
    Good luck starting CG! There's a lot of trial and error, so there really isn't a right answer here...

    I use co-wash every time I wash my hair, but I only wash every two to three days. I suppose that's unhelpful, LOL!

    How much/what type/how often you use your leave-in will depend on the condition of your hair too and the environment you live it. :) I put in a leave-in every time I wash to seal in moisture because I live in a semi-arid climate with single-digit dew points right now. ;)


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    When first starting CG, cowashing daily is common, but as the weeks go by, some find that cutting back to once a week or so works well. Cowashing too often can lead to overconditioning or itchiness in some. Friction is what really keeps the scalp clean. You will have to experiment to find what works best for your hair.
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    I use vo5/suave co-wash every time I wet my hair which is every other to every day depending how the curls look That allows me to remove the loose hairs by combing with a wide tooth comb in the shower the hair remains tangle and knot free then load it up with various products and air or diffuse dry Turns out pretty good looks healthy Don't know what OVER cond looks like!
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