Where do i find coconut oil?

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i have been reading about coconut oil where do i find it? and what are some good brands? i am trying to find a good oil to use on my hair once it has dried.


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    i have been reading about coconut oil where do i find it? and what are some good brands? i am trying to find a good oil to use on my hair once it has dried.

    I found mine at Whole Foods. It comes in a jar. I didn't like it much using it alone, but... all hair is different.
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    I got mine from the local health food store.... Some people say they have it at wal-mart...

    I didn't like it much I found it odd to use.. plus its weird having oil in my bathroom room, i just always think its covered in mold.. i only used it once and i peeked in it the other day and it's hard lol.. which is weird cause i imagined it liquid semi hot and full with fungus....
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    i have been reading about coconut oil where do i find it? and what are some good brands? i am trying to find a good oil to use on my hair once it has dried.
    most stores with an organics section or a health food store will have it. be careful because there are at least 2 types- refined and unrefined-i would theorize that unrefined would be the better one. as far as for a leave in, i would use very little and apply it to wet hair. if u use even a little too much your hair will be greasy by end of day (learned through trial and error). the oil will be hard but u can run some hot water over the container and will start to liquify.
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    I found some at Vitamin Shoppe
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    I got mine at the grocery store in the cooking oil section. The one I have is unrefined virgin coconut oil and can be melted down in 30 seconds in the microwave...good with food too.
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    You can find coconut oil at Indian stores. Parachute is the brand and it comes in a blue bottle (200ml & 500ml bottles at my local Indian store). This oil is a staple in every Indian bathroom. I used coconut oil for many years but then it became too heavy for me. Now I use a mixture of meadowfoam/avocado/macadamia nut oil because it absorbs really well into my hair, wet or dry (3b).

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    I bought some just today as a matter of fact from an african foodstore a couple blocks from my house. i bought two of them for 2.99 each. They came in a water bottle like bottle (16 ounces), and the oil is pure and smells of pure coconut. It's wonderful in my hair.
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    I bought my Spectrum Refined 100% organic coconut oil from Vitamin Shoppe. It was $5.99 for, like, 15 oz. It's naturally refined (as opposed to being chemically refined), so I feel comfortable using it in my hair.

    I've also seen coconut oil at GNC stores, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods.
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    You can also get it by the pound at most places who sell soap making supplies.
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    Try Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. If your hair turns out to like Coconut Oil, then it will love that brand. :blob6:$15 for 8 or 14 or 16 oz, can't remember the size since I didn't use it in the winter and won't pick it up until next month for Spring. But, it's totally worth the money if you love Coconut Oil. Has as strong Coconut scent, but to me it fades a bit in acceptable time frame. Once it's room temp or emulsified in hand, or warmed up a bit it is divine, silky, and absorbs wonderfully. We get super soft hair with it, and as it's not $1, lol, I don't overuse it and get the dreaded hard, stringy, greasy or over-protein-ified hair.

    I add tiny bit Vanilla Oil, tiny bit melted Cocoa Butter and tiny bit Monoi de Tahiti Oil to Jarrow's and have the yummiest, softest, most fragrant hair EVA!!!!!:occasion8:

    Spectrum makes a great brand of Coconut Oil too, Virgin and regular Coconut Oil. Often on sale at Whole Foods, but I easily find it at regular grocery stores. I use this one most often, but love it slighly less than Jarrows.

    Whole Foods has a like $5 brand of 365 (their label) Coconut Oil. 14 oz I think. I haven't tried it tho because it may contain trace amounts of tree nuts and we are a tree nut-free home.

    Also have tried Parachute and think it's okay, but not going to replace my Jarrows. If you want to try an herb infused Coconut Oil you could take a look at Dabur Vatika Oil. Find it at many Indo-Pak stores. Has Ayurvedic herbs including Amla. Has a scent that might take getting use too. When I used it in past it was for pre-pooing mostly.
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    i have been reading about coconut oil where do i find it? and what are some good brands? i am trying to find a good oil to use on my hair once it has dried.

    You can also make your own coconut oil, thats what i use to do. Just buy 5 to 8 cans of coconut milk(brands: Jamaica Choice or Clover),and 2 or 3 coconuts. Crack and grate the coconuts and set it aside. Pour all the cans of coconut milk in a huge pot and turn the stove on a medium fire. when the milk starts to boil add the grated coconuts. It will take a while for the milk to produce oil on the top,but when it does,take a pot spoon(huge spoon) and dip out the milk, or you can pour it out and put the pot back on the stove to repeat this step until you are left with little milk. You also want to make sure your putting the oil in a ceramic or heat resistant bowl. the boiling process will take a good while,like hours.
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