Stylist in Spokane,WA area?

KailahKailah Registered Users Posts: 62
Or somewhere within the vicinity...I'd be willing to take a day trip. :D Thanks!
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Scrunching with CLU towels
Currently trying & not really liking: Ohm SHP or DMCCB...still experimenting, I guess


  • caits019caits019 Registered Users Posts: 1
    i had the hardest time finding someone in spokane. i went to the same girl for 9 years, even though she wasn't that great, just because i was scared to find someone new! i actually asked this girl with great curls in nordstrom where she went and she gave me her stylists card and number and raved and raved and raved about him. so i sucked it up, and went to him. he was AMAZING!!

    his name is daniel and he is a stylist at dept. z downtown. his #is 230.7193. i totally reccomend him! he really understood curly hair and he understood the problems i had with it and he cut it to take away to triangle feel. the main thing was that he really listened, and when i walked in, i got a good vibe---really important because i was terriffied! and when we were talking about color, i just kinda let him do what he wanted and it turned out fabulous!
  • MaggiemeiMaggiemei Registered Users Posts: 1
    If you are still looking for a curly stylist in Spokane I might have one for you. I moved away a few years ago, but before I left, I went to Anna at Imperial Styling in Cheney. She is awesome and loves curly hair. Call them at 509.235.6939 to see if she is still there!

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