Can you get a perm if your hair is already curly?

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I have very coarse unmanageable curls. They aren't super tight but, but aren't pretty defined ringlets either. My hair is just a mess, not to mention I have skipped grey and gone straight to white in the front of my head, and I am only 28. Reminds me of Rouge, from X-Men, cool if you are a super hero (my husband loves this idea), but I'm an artist. Although, I wouldn't mind having super powers, the only ability I have is to create and have awesomely horrible " Q's "! Yes, I left out the curly part, it is more like frizzy Q's! I even cut about 14 inches off, (little below shoulders now), thinking I might restore bounce and and overall shape. Still nothing, and if it wasn't bad enough my hair is thinning, especially at the crown! I don't know what to do, my hair has always been super thick. Can anyone help solve any or all of curly hair woes? I thought as a last resort to perm it, to try and give my curls some direction, but I am scared I will damage it severely. Please help, and thanks for listening.:blob7:


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    First off, have you seen a doctor to find out why your hair is thinning? 28 is very young for that.

    Secondly, I have had two perms and they were good experiences. I'm a 3 a/b and did it to get a more uniform curl. My hair was very short and it didn't cause too much damage.
  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    You can perm if you have curly hair, but I second the other advice here to see a doctor and find out why your hair is thinning. Many medical conditions often show up in the hair first and it can be absolutely life saving to find out why that is happening to you. GOOD LUCK!!!

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