HELP: Any recommendations on barettes?

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Just looking for something simple that holds a toddler girl's hair in pigtails well and isn't damaging, if that's at all possible. Clips typically slip out easily, while elastic scrungies need to be wrapped too tightly to hold hair together. My 2 year old toddler girl, who has very, very short frizzy ringlets, could use something in her hair so that she will look more like a girl than a boy AND possibly wear protective styles at the same time in hope of growing her hair longer and healthier.

It's been a struggle....REAL STRUGGLE to this point and her hair seems like it hasn't grown since last summer. But of course, she didn't really have any hair on her head until last summer since she was born bald.

I'm getting desperate for an answer. Even though her hair is short, I can put two tiny pigtails in her hair. BUT, I would like to be able to do it without hurting her by trying to tighten those scrunci wraparound elastics (ex: And like I said, clips slip out too easily, especially if they are plastic (and, forget the metal ones since I know they are damaging). Is there any hope at all?


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    i use these:

    and like the packaging says, they dont tangle or pull out her hair at all. and if you need to, you can even stretch them out a bit. i love them.
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    and if those still arent what youre looking for, a trick i used when my daughter's hair was way shorter would be to take the hair youre going to put in a ponytail twist it once (kind of like youre going to make a bun) before i put on a hair clip. that way it made the hair a bit thicker so that the barrette wouldnt slip out.
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    Thanks for the recommendation subbrock. How do you put them in your toddler's hair? The biggest trouble I have with my daughter is pulling her hair together to make a pigtail, not so much keeping it in one. The pulling effect is what makes her cry and cry.

    If all else fails, I will definitely try to twist all her hair together, like you recommended, and use a regular plastic clip. That is, IF I can get her to hold still while I do it without any fuss or crying. No doubt it hurts or pinches her....
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    i think part of it is that shes used to me doing her hair--at 3 months old she had enough hair to put in a ponytail and she'll be 2 in a few months.

    but ultimately, im just really gentle. i try not to pull her hair too much. if her hair is super tangle-y i'll detangle it first (that usually makes her start whining) then give her a minute to "recover" and then i'll finish up the job. distraction works wonders as well. i'll let her watch noggin if im going to do something that takes me a while (i.e. pigtails) and she couldnt care less.
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    Ahh...I see. One of the most difficult things to deal with in a baby being born bald is the price mom and baby have to pay once baby finally gets hair (for a girl, that is). When a significant amount of hair comes in between the ages of 1.5 to 2 years old, they are adjusting to just having something on their head that mom wants to "mess" with.

    Gentle is the approach, I know...but so, so hard with an active toddler who won't hold still.

    Ahh...I can't wait...can't wait...can't WAIT....till mine gets more hair. I loved my bald baby when she was real little and would have loved her with out w/out hair, but I guess I wasn't prepared for the challenge ahead when those first hairs sprout on her head.

    Well, I'll keep trying....

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