Does rinsing your hair mean more growth?

MiyaniMiyani Registered Users Posts: 37
I know it's not good to shampoo your hair everyday or co-wash, but what about rinsing your hair? I try and rinse my hair with water or spritz it with tea in everyday. Does this strip hair of its oils?


  • notyouraveragecurlnotyouraveragecurl Registered Users Posts: 193
    Unfortunately, almost anything we do to our hair ruins it. Even, yes, washing with water. The pH balance of our hair is around a 5 or 6, meaning that its relatively acidic in nature. The pH balance of water is around a 7, which makes water more basic than our hair. That's why sulfates are so bad for our hair, because they're several times more basic than water.

    It's not /bad/ per se to wash your hair with water (I mean, what ELSE are we suppoed to wash our hair with?? XD), but it's okay. I guess the short answer to your question would be no, it's not that bad... haha...
    There is a phenomenal amount of beauty in self-acceptance. <3

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