How Do You Protect a TWA?

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Hey guys... I need some advice (I know you guys are probably thinking "What's new?"). I've been doing alot of researching and reading and I've seen many posts about how doing too many wash and go's can be damaging to your hair, especially the ends and you're supposed to alternate your styles to protect the ends. My question is what do you do if you have a TWA and you can only do wash and go's or other styles where you ends are constantly out? Every now and then I will wear a hat to give my hair a break from the wash and go's, but it's not really long enough to do much else. It's not long enough for two strand twists or braids and I would rather not use extensions. So I guess my question is will doing constant wash and go's really cause that much damage to my hair? And if so, what kind of "protective styling" can you do with only a couple inches of hair? What did you lovely people do to protect your TWA? Thanks!
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    You don't have to scrub it every day, just wet your hair and condition it. That is good for your hair.
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    I had this exact same question when I first BCed and basically there is no "protective" style that I know of for a TWA. Mostly I found that overall hair health is even more important when your ends are constantly exposed. So consistent DTs, using quality products and keeping those ends moisturized is crucial.

    At one point my hair was long enough for a pony-puff so I put my hair in about 8-12 puffs, wet them with a mist of water/conditioner.. massaged this in and topped it off with shea butter, castor oil or any other sealer of your choice. I would sleep with these puffs at night with a silk scarf. Worked wonders...

    I still do wash-n-gos even though my hair is long enough for coils and twist but haven't noticed any ill effects in the 8 months I've done this (except for those crazy pixie knots on some ends).. but I also make sure to co-wash and DT often.



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